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beginning finger picking patterns part 1 - 4

Download the free beginning finger picking patterns parts 1 - 4  E-Book here below (PDF File)

Finger Picking Exercises 1 to 4.pdf Finger Picking Exercises 1 to 4.pdf
Size : 1007.439 Kb
Type : pdf

Robert Johnson E-Book VOL. 1

Download the free Robert Johnson E-Book Vol 1. here below

Robert_Johnson_E-Book_Vol.1.pdf Robert_Johnson_E-Book_Vol.1.pdf
Size : 1916.1 Kb
Type : pdf

Robert Johnson e-book vol 2

Download the free robert johnson e-book vol 2 here below

Robert_Johnson_E-Book_Vol.2.pdf Robert_Johnson_E-Book_Vol.2.pdf
Size : 2059.444 Kb
Type : pdf

Mississippi Fred Mcdowell E-Book

Download the free Mississippi fred mcdowell e-book here (pdf file)

Mississippi-Fred-McDowell-E-Book.pdf Mississippi-Fred-McDowell-E-Book.pdf
Size : 1640.455 Kb
Type : pdf

Son House E-Book

Download the free Son house E-Book here below (PDF file)

Son House E-Book_Complete.pdf Son House E-Book_Complete.pdf
Size : 1553.149 Kb
Type : pdf

Skip James E-Book

Download the FREE SKip James E-Book Here Below (PDF) File

Skip James E-Book.pdf Skip James E-Book.pdf
Size : 1273.747 Kb
Type : pdf

Essential Blues Classics 

A selection of 20 songs from various artists aimed for the novice learner

Essential Delta Blues Classics.pdf Essential Delta Blues Classics.pdf
Size : 2123.216 Kb
Type : pdf

Blind LEmon Jefferson Lyrics (Completed Works 1926-1929)

Download the free Blind lemon Jefferson lyrics (Completed Works) here below