The MAn.

George Nikokiris (a.k.a. Delta Lou) began his musical journey growing up in Chicago, as an avid fan of the Doors and other rock musicians from the early 1960s. A history nut, he began to investigate the roots of rock, only to discover the Delta Blues.

The Legend:

During a pilgrimage to the deep South with his brother , Delta Lou's GPS mysteriously malfunctioned and led him to the infamous "Crossroads." After paying homage to those who have played before him, Delta Lou left the Crossroads able to play and teach Blues slide guitar like no other!

The MIssion.

Delta Lou uses his talents as a teacher, and as a fellow Blues fanatic, to preserve this uniquely American art form. Learn with Delta Lou through our extensive E-book and pre-recorded video library of Blues guitar lessons. We accommodate beginning and advanced students. 

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